Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Costume Updates

I had totally planned to have this bodice finished and photographed before now but on Sunday night I woke up with a raging sore throat and a fever so I haven't been doing very much of anything this week.  I am still feeling a bit wobbly but at least my throat is less sore!

The bodice is almost finished.  I decided it was too plain for a ball gown so I have plans to add more trim as you will see, all I need is the energy to pick up the needle!

I thought I might add some gold trim in a criss cross design with some extra trim up the sides of the "V" shape.  

Originally this bodice was intended to be worn with a skirt from the drama department but when my daughter tried both on, it was clear they were not going to work together.  Now I must find some fabric in a similar shade to make a long, full skirt!

Below are two pairs of trousers for the King and one of the other guys.  I was given several pairs of long trousers and asked to make them into knee length trousers or "knickers" with extravagant bows at the knee.   The actual length was marked for me by the drama teacher.   I love this kind of sewing, no pattern just improvisation and imagination.  

I made the lace and bows separately and stitched them to a small piece of felt before stitching that carefully to the trousers.  The gold trousers are naturally for the king!

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