Wednesday, October 7, 2015


I thought I'd share how I package orders today.  I've posted here about how I print brown paper bags but this is what I do with them!

When I'm shipping pincushions, I first wrap them in white tissue paper (you can see that in the photo above) and then put a strip of corrugated cardboard around them.  This protects the pincushion while it's on its travels.  I ship things around the world as well as all across the U.S. so they need to be carefully packaged.    

The order gets placed in one of my bags and tied with a red gingham ribbon.  After that it's into a padded mailer and on it's way!  Packing things carefully and attractively is very important to me.  It is my way of showing I value my customers and I want their whole experience to be an enjoyable one.  I include a packing slip with a handwritten note and a business card.  If it is a gift and not actually going to the purchaser, I add whatever note the purchaser wants to add, on a little hand stamped card.   

Bon Voyage!

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