Thursday, November 12, 2015

A Very Quick Dog Blanket

We've had our greyhound, Tia for almost two weeks now and it's been a steep learning curve!  Greyhounds have very little body fat and a very thin coat so they feel the cold and then in warm weather, become overheated quickly.  Because of the way their back legs are put together, they also can't really sit in the traditional way we think of dogs sitting!  Instead of sitting Tia will lean against us or lay down.  With such a lean body though, laying on hard floors or the gravel in our garden can be painful so she needs blankets and good dog beds.  

I got a couple of good fleece blankets at Target but I wanted something smaller that we can take out and about with us so that she has somewhere comfy to rest.  

Yesterday I bought some fleece (I think I must have been subconsciously influenced by it being Veteran's Day hence the red, white and blue!) and this morning quickly made a thick blanket.  There is layer of cotton quilt batting sandwiched between two layers of thick fleece.  My sewing machine wasn't excited at this combination but we did battle and I overcame.  

Thank goodness fleece doesn't fray because it meant I could leave the edges raw, it's a utility blanket after all!  It doesn't need fancy finishing although if my sewing machine had been happier I would probably have edged it with some bias binding. Instead, I simply tidied up the edges with my rotary cutter.  

Tia approves! 

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