Wednesday, November 4, 2015

costume finish

The Three Musketeers opens on Friday night and I'm still working on some of the costumes, a snap here, a tuck in a waistband there.  I've finished several pairs of fancy knee length pants for the guys, made decorative bow/buckle embellishments for their shoes and finished the dress for my daughter.  All this while being followed around by our newly adopted ex-racing greyhound.

This is where I began.....

This is my daughter modeling for me last night.  It is Tech Week this week so she rehearsing till late and the only pictures I could get were before bedtime and the lighting isn't great.  I hand stitched the trims on which took a couple of evenings.  My brief was that the dress needed to be for a scene with a ball but it couldn't be more ornate than the queens dress!

I am very happy with how it turned out.  With some adjustments to the pattern, it fits her perfectly.  I really like that this patten makes a separate bodice and skirt, it makes the whole thing much easier to sew because I am not having to handle so much fabric (having said that, there is about 5 yards of fabric in the skirt alone!)  I'm hoping the drama teacher can pull a petticoat from the costume room to make the skirt stand out a bit.  

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