Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Finished Quilted Table Runner

I'm almost embarrassed to admit I finally finished this quilted table runner recently!  I like to have these cheery pops of color on the tables in my family room and dining room.  They are practical too, and take a lot of abuse in the form of hot dishes.  If they get spilled on, they go right in the washing machine and dryer.  These are table runners for real life!

The dimensions are 12.5inches by 54 inches and I used "Warm And Natural" batting.  As you can see, I quilted simple straight lines.  This quilt will get washed a lot and this kind of quilting holds up well to that.  The design is a small improvised log cabin block and a project like this uses up lots of odd bits of fabric.  I didn't buy much for this, just the wood grain backing fabric which I love and think would make good napkins.....

I know a lot of quilters machine sew their quilt bindings but I still prefer to hand finish mine. 

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