Thursday, November 19, 2015

Friday Morning In The Garden

It's a beautiful Friday here in California.  We have had all kinds of weather this week.  It was rainy and extremely windy at the beginning of the week, the kind of weather that makes me want to drink tea and sit with a blanket and a good book or some sewing.  We've had some frost and in the mountains there has been a good amount of snow. The last couple of days here have been clear and sunny.  The light is golden and this morning Tia and I sat outside and had our elevenses.  

My oranges are almost ripe and the lemons are ready.  One of the lemon trees has flowers and fruit at the same time!  These are meyer lemons, a cross between a lemon and a tangerine.  The skin is thin and delicate and they have a lovely fragrance and sweeter flavor.    They stay perfectly ripe on the tree for weeks so I just pick them as I need them.  What luxury!  I have three grapefruit trees in pots too, all have fruit that is nearly ready.  

Tia loves to sleep in the warm sun and gets out on her lounger anytime she can.  Her legs seem so spindly and delicate.  She looks incredibly graceful loping around the garden, less so as she tries to navigate our hardwood and tile floors!  She reminds me of the scene in Bambi when Bambi is trying to walk on the frozen lake.  We have put down some inexpensive runners after she wiped out several times in the hallway.  

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