Friday, November 6, 2015

The Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff, Wales

I'm taking a break from sewing today and looking at photos on my laptop and sitting with my new greyhound who has sore paws from running around in the garden after her squeaky toy!

These photos are from our big trip this summer.

This summer my daughter and I got to visit the Dr. Who Experience in Cardiff, Wales.  

There are two parts to the Dr Who Experience.  When you first arrive, you line up in a zig-zagging line with artifacts and costumes to look at while you wait.  We were early on a weekday so there wasn't a long wait and the tickets are timed as well.  The first part is the "Experience".   It is like being in your own, exciting, personal episode of Dr. Who, going on a fantastic adventure with the Doctor and having to face down a dalek and save the world!  They actually ask visitors not to share too much about this part of things so that it doesn't spoil the surprises and I'm going to respect that.  I will just say, though, that the adults had as much fun as the kids!

After the "Experience" you get to wander at your own pace through sets and rooms with props and costumes.  As fans, we had a wonderful time matching things with their corresponding Doctor/series/episodes!  If you love this long running tv series and get a chance to visit, do.  

This is the TARDIS set we are probably most familiar with from recent Doctors.

I have a couple of Dr.Who pincushions in my Etsy shop.  You can read about my TARDIS pincushion here in an older blog post.  I also have a Weeping Angels (my favorite monster!) pincushion and once made an Ood pincushion as a special order.  These are always fun!

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