Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Three Musketeers

Last night was Opening Night and it was a swashbuckling adventure.  The play is full of funny moments and twists and turns.  I'm slightly embarrassed to admit that I haven't read the book (I must!) but it didn't prevent me from following the plot.  

The students have been rehearsing for twelve weeks.  They have had tuition in stage sword fighting from a Fencing Master and it paid off!  The sword fighting scenes, some of them with about ten kids with swords at once were fabulous and they looked like they were having a barrel load of fun - which they were.  Sword fighting has been on my daughters bucket list for a long time so for her, this was the realization of a dream.  

Photos are not permitted during the show so these were taken during rehearsal.  It's so hard to get good photos in this kind of lighting but hopefully these few will give you a taste of the show.  Below are the inebriated Musketeers.  

In the above photo, the King is wearing these gold trousers.  I made big fabric bows for his shoes too, using the same cream and gold fabric.  They look outrageous don't they!  

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