Thursday, December 3, 2015

Finished Bunny Pincushions

I've had a tough few days this week.  I've had a nasty cold/cough which has been making me feel really tired, my car is having something expensive done to fix the four wheel drive and as the lovely glossy cherry on top of all that, my laptop had a meltdown yesterday and went into catastrophic hard drive failure!  After a better night's sleep last night, I am at least feeling a bit more human today and with that rest came a better attitude.  My car should be fixed by tomorrow afternoon, I'm coughing less and I have an appointment at the Apple Store Genius Bar on Sunday!  

I finished these pincushions this last night.  Unfortunately I can't list them in my Etsy shop yet because my desktop computer is refusing to upload photos from camera...what's up with that????  I love how these turned out though.  

I started a new part time teaching job this week and have been powering through my cold. I am teaching a costume design elective at a local middle school.   I have a small class of enthusiastic girls.  We will be working on costumes for the middle school production of The Lion King and it is going to be really fun. For now, I had them each pick a Lion King character and they are making a fabric art doll of that character.  Doing this lets me see how they handle a sewing machine, iron, hand stitching and problem solving before we start on any actual costumes!

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