Saturday, December 19, 2015

Some Very Special Handmade Cups

Today I got a package from Canada that I have been waiting for with great anticipation.  A little while ago I ordered two handmade cups from fellow Etsy seller White Owl Porcelain.  I have to admit, I do have a bit of thing for pretty cups and mugs but hey, they make me happy.  

I was so excited that I had to photograph and share them right away instead of waiting for better light tomorrow.  Although actually, thinking about it, it's supposed to rain tomorrow so the light probably wouldn't be any better anyway.  

Aren't these lovely?  They are hand built and then carved.  I've been trying to pin down why I love them so much.  I think it is because they remind me of relief prints.  They have fantastic texture and a simple graphic appeal.  Also that blue/green glaze on the inside is a gorgeous contrast.

And look, I ordered two cups and they are different designs.  So pretty.  

And they are the perfect size.  I'm not supposed to drink coffee but I do still enjoy the occasional cup (shhh, don't tell my doctor!) and these will be just the right amount of delicious, restorative caffeine.  They'll be great for tea as well.  

So please do visit Laura's Etsy shop, read her "About" page and visit her website.

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