Friday, January 29, 2016

Deer And Flowers Pincushion

The days are passing in a blur just now.  Things are very busy.  This week I worked on restocking some existing designs but I wanted to work on something new too.  I also wanted to try some new color combinations.  

I've been working on these little deer pincushions for the last couple of days and am happy with how they are progressing.

Yesterday I sewed in the car while my daughter had her riding lesson.  For just a few short weeks it has been too dark in the late afternoons to sew but yesterday the light was good for all of her lesson time.  Spring is coming!

I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do with the sidebands of these pincushions but it will probably be a combination of flowers and leaves.  I had intended the deer to be wearing a garland of flowers but the flowers and leaves grouping got a bit out of hand and now it looks like the deer is peering out over a flowering bush!  But that is ok too.  

When we left for home after the riding lesson we were treated to this beautiful sky.  

Tia the greyhound loves her blankets and she is showing this new one lots of love!  I found this very cheerful blanket at Target and it is super soft!  I think I mentioned before that Tia likes to carry her blankets around the house and make blanket forts for herself and her toys.  

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