Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Winter Break, Sewing And Staying Sane

Down there in the distance is the lower end of Silicon Valley.   Up here in the hills you could be a thousand miles away from all the hubbub and traffic.  Here there are woodpeckers drilling into telegraph poles, the mournful cry of a hawk and the smell of cows and horses in their pasture.  We often hike up here.  It is close to home but feels a long way away.  

It has been a difficult few days and I am weary of the constant round of giving meds to a reluctant and struggling cat.  She is doing a little better though.  I am trying to be kind to myself, allowing myself to take things a little slower, walk the dog a little longer and keeping my hands busy with sewing.  I've been ignoring the dust and some of the household chores. Lack of sleep is hard.  Giving a wheezing cat a rescue inhaler at 3.30am is hard.  But her breathing is a little easier today.   

Today I walked in the hills with my dog.  The sun warmed our bodies and a gentle breeze created soothing background sounds.  

We didn't walk far, it was too warm.  I tried to get Tia to put her front paws in the pond but she wasn't up for that!  She was intrigued by the ducks though, lots of coot and some bufflehead.  

We crate Tia in the car.  She likes to stand up while we are driving along and this protects her.  

I've been sewing lots of things recently, but mainly just more of existing product designs.  Over the last few days I've finished these vibrant bunny pincushions and needle books and a couple of flower needle books.  I've got some new needle book covers that I am about to start on as soon as I'm done here.  

Time for a cup of tea I think......

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