Thursday, March 3, 2016

Hello March

It's been feeling very much like Spring lately but there are several days of rain forecast with a good amount of snow expected in the mountains.  If it wasn't for Tia (my greyhound) disliking the rain so much, I'd be looking forward to it.  Bad weather is the perfect excuse to stay in and sew!  

In my garden right now though, there are fragrant grapefruit blossoms (complete with drunken bees) and tiny figs, the size of my fingernail.

There is delicate plum blossom, the first ever on this little tree, and some surprisingly large apricots.

There are buds opening on the apple tree, no thanks to the brazen squirrel I caught eating the buds this week.  It took a prolonged jet of water from the hose to scare it off!

The three blueberry bushes I have, all have lots of flowers.  I don't think I had noticed before, what pretty little flowers they are.

I grow mint in a pot to prevent it from taking over the world and it seems like, in this sunshine, it is growing while I watch!

Oh, and there are little chocolate eggs and a cup of tea!  I might need to stock up before the rains come.

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