Tuesday, March 1, 2016

My PVQA Quilt Show Shopping Haul

I was actually quite restrained.  I could have bought more but I limited myself to only those fabrics I really truly loved!  

I picked out some yard cuts of some contemporary fabrics from Wooden Gate Quilts.  I fell in love with this booth.  Their display was clean, simple and a little quirky and it drew me in. The fabrics they had brought were all wonderful and I had a hard time limiting myself.  I think it is a good thing their actual physical shop is just a little bit too far from me for easy visiting!  

As Saturday progressed several customers asked me if I had seen the booth selling wool felt in the other building.  I hadn't had a chance to go exploring but when I got a chance on Sunday morning I wandered across and visited with them.  Talk about eye candy!  Lots of gorgeous hand dyed felted wool in a fabulous range of colors.  I picked out some brown herringbone because I use lots of that when I make my tree stump pincushions.  I also got a lovely piece of bright lemony lime green and these three little rolls of deliciously soft velvet.  When I checked their website, I found that A Plaid Wool Company is based in the same town as me!  

Here's a closer look at my treasures....

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