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A Hummingbird Nest

Yesterday, while laying in the sun on her lounger Tia (the greyhound) kept getting buzzed by a hummingbird.  She ignored it for a while but it eventually drove her inside.  When hummingbirds get near you, the thrumming of their wings sounds like a very large and scary bee.  I wondered what was up with that and then life took over and I forgot about it.....until today.

Outside my back door there is a little covered area and we have hung a bunch of spinning things and chimes, it's all very weirdly Californian but I love it.  This double spinner is literally right outside my back door, I can touch it from my back step, and in the center that little hummingbird is building a nest.  It's tiny.  And it's made out of tiny leafy bits and cobwebs.  Cobwebs!  

I watched the hummingbird repeatedly bring beakfuls of cobwebs and weave them into the other stuff it had already gathered.  It was completely mesmerizing.  Below you can see some of the cobwebs it gathered.

I have two concerns.  1 - Will the hummingbird allow us to come out of the back door into the garden? - they are very territorial and 2 - what will happen when the wind blows???

After I'd taken a bunch of photos, I noticed the hanging hook for this spinner,  awesome right?


  1. Was the little bird successful with her nest ?

    1. Hi Ally! She sat on her nest for a couple of days but we disturbed her one night about 10pm when we let our dog out and she flew off. I hope she found somewhere more appropriate!


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