Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Bears And Telephones

I haven't posted lately because it feels like I am sewing the same things I've already shared!   I've been working on some bear pincushions and some more of the vintage phone pincushions.  Those first phone pincushions sold the same day as they were listed!  

I've been doing some sewing outdoors when the weather is good.  The light is so good for sewing on a bright day, it's only a problem if it is windy!  One afternoon I got to spend a couple of hours sitting in the shade of a huge peppercorn tree while my daughter had an interview for a student worker job at a horse barn.  It was so peaceful, with hummingbirds flitting around, horses making horsey noises (and smells!) and views of the hills all around.  I paid for it later with itchy eyes and a runny nose but it was nice at the time!  And my daughter got the job.

This kind of sewing is so portable.  I pack up whatever I'm working on in a little plastic box, put that and my thread box in a basket and I'm good to go.

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