Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Tia's First Trip To The Beach!

We have had our greyhound, Tia, for 6 months now.  She is nearly 3 years old and a retired racer.  She brings us a lot of joy especially when we do something fun together like her first trip to the beach.  As we left home, the sky was grey and the light gloomy.  The forecast said it would be cloudy at the beach......

It was cloudy until we got to within about half a mile of the beach and then miraculously the clouds cleared and the sun was shining!  In summer it's the other way round!

What a gorgeous day.  We walked a long way up the beach and back.  Tia was a little spooked by how loud the ocean was and jumped a mile when the cold Pacific dared to touch her paws.  She also seemed completely confused by the lack of a defined path.  She is used to trails in the hills and sidewalks in our neighborhood.  

It was just one of those perfect beach days.  There were lots of birds to look at (me), all new smells/sights/sounds (Tia) and tons of interesting shells and driftwood bits (my daughter).  

We have to crate Tia in the car otherwise she stands up or walks around which is dangerous.  After this adventure she was conked out!

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