Thursday, May 5, 2016

Playing With My Phone Camera

I love my iPhone for many reasons but one of the things I love best is always having a camera to hand.  I have a Canon DSLR that I use a lot too but nothing beats the camera on my phone for spur of the moment pictures.  After all the best camera for the job, is the one you have with you.  There are a lot of cool photo apps for iPhone too and sometimes it is just fun to play.  

After a serious morning of sewing french knots (me) and napping (Tia) we took my lunch and my phone out into the back yard to enjoy the sunshine.  Tia is all shiny and silky soft after a bath last weekend.

Do you see my phone reflected in her eye?!

After all the effort required for having her photo taken, Tia decided another nap was in order.  Warm sunshine and a soft bed, what could be better?  

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