Sunday, May 8, 2016

Summer Napkins

I made a set of summery napkins today.  I'd spotted and bought this fabric at our local Joann's store.  I like napkins to be between 18 and 20 inches square and bought enough fabric to make six napkins....except they had cut my fabric about three inches short which was really annoying and meant the napkins ended up a tad smaller than normal.

I'm pretty picky about the fabrics I buy at Joann's.  Most of the quilting fabric is not very good quality but they do have a small section of nice designer fabrics.  This is one of those and it has a lovely hand.  I thought the design was lovely and bright, perfect for summer.

When I hem napkins I use a really simple double fold which I press with my iron before sewing.  I use the walking foot on my sewing machine whenever I can.  I love it and how it keeps the fabric layers from shifting.  Because these are everyday napkins, I don't worry too much about having completely perfect corners.  

The double row of stitching gives the napkins a nice tailored look and holds the corners securely in place.  

And ready for use!

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