Thursday, June 23, 2016


It's a myth that greyhounds need a lot of exercise.  Sure they need walking but no more than any other large dog.  Most greyhounds are total couch potatoes, perfectly happy to rest the day away with short bursts of energy now and then if it's not too hot!  

Tia has a small collection of soft, squeaky toys which she is very attached to.  She carries them round the house, sometimes using one as a pillow.   She enjoys her walks but she is happiest following me round the house as I go about my business.  She supervises laundry sorting, likes to be one step behind me as I vacuum the house and needs to be near me in the kitchen just in case something should drop and need cleaning up.  Her very favorite thing to do is sleep next to me while I sew (often with her eyes and mouth open as in the last photo -  yes it's a little creepy when she does that!). 

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