Monday, July 4, 2016

I Used To Love July 4th

I used to love the July 4th celebrations.  We would wander down and watch our town parade, one of the few that takes place in the Bay Area.  Then later we would pack up lots of treats (popcorn, chocolate and a thermos of tea), a good selection of those glow in the dark sticks that you can bend into necklaces and bracelets and blankets and warm things for later to enjoy the fireworks show.  

So what is different this year?  


We have neighbors who let off fireworks at every opportunity.  Fireworks are illegal in our town but it doesn't seem to make a difference.  Poor Tia is terrified.  She can just about handle the little fireworks but our neighbor likes the ones that make a lot of noise.  Tia has been one unhappy greyhound this weekend.

We did enjoy the parade this morning, our first parade as American Citizens.  It wasn't as blazing hot as usual either which made standing for two hours on the parade route a bit easier.  The theme seemed to be "Home Sweet Home".  We just have the rest of the evening to get through and then hopefully the fireworks will be done until next year.  

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