Saturday, July 16, 2016

Sparkle All The Way....

I'm not usually a big fan of sparkly things but I've been wanting to try stitching some Christmas ornaments using shaped sequins.  These are shapes I found easily at my local craft stores.   I thought I'd use the butterflies but they are too big so I'll have to save them for something else.  

The felt I've been using is hand dyed felted wool fabric in really lovely colors that don't seem to have photographed as well as I would have liked.

Below are some I'm still working on.  These little trees are stuffed with premium ultra plush polyfil.  

I'm going to try photographing them again with my proper camera instead of my phone this time.  Hopefully the colors will be truer.  It's been very satisfying stitching these but I'm ready for something else now!


  1. Would you share where you get the little felt flowers from? I have been searching everywhere.

    1. Hi! I cut out all the little flowers freehand with a very sharp pair of scissors. It's a good way to use up scraps of felt. I use "cutter bee" or "EK success" scissors with non stick blades - the non stick is important. These scissors are available at Hobby Lobby, Amazon and sometimes Michaels here in the US. Hope that helps.


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