Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The EMP Museum in Seattle

While in Seattle, we visited the EMP Museum which is a museum dedicated to Pop Culture. I didn't think I would especially like it but agreed to go because my daughter wanted to go.  It was fascinating though and we spent a few very happy hours there.  The highlight for me was the incredible World Of Wearable Art exhibit and movie show.  I've included my favorite "costumes" although costumes is not really the right word. 

The black in this costume is black beading using tiny beads and was inspired by tattoos.

Such beautiful leather work.

On a large screen we watched a show featuring these costumes.  There was amazing lighting, music and of course, the privilege of seeing these costumes being worn as an integral part of that music and special lighting.  Wow!  

We browsed our way through exhibits about music, including tributes to Nirvana and Hendrix and the history of the electric guitar.  Being sic-fi lovers we relished the special Star Trek show and other sic-fi exhibits.  We are fans of fantasy stories too (think Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings and Narnia amongst many others) and there was plenty of fantasy eye candy here too. 

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