Friday, August 5, 2016

Text Talk - A Pincushion

In our family, we have a text talk between family members.  Mainly because it's all gobbledygook to me!  Even on the Etsy forum posts people sometimes use text talk expressions and I have to google the unfamiliar ones.  It makes me feel old!  

I recently got a new batch of wool felt in some really yummy candy shades and when I inadvertently put them against this pale grey, this design immediately came to mind, cut out letters and ooh, pretty flowers - yes!

For those whose text talk is a little rusty here is a translation.  "By the way you are my best friend forever" and on the side band there is 'LOL" and I added some really pretty flowers and leaves.  "LOL" can mean "laugh out loud" or in this instance, "lots of love".  

This pincushion is obviously not for everyone but I'm hoping it will appeal to a young sewist or a parent or grandparent needing a gift for a young person.  This was a fun one to work on, something completely new and different.  I usually go for saturated colors so it was a challenge to work with these mainly pastels but the colors are so gorgeous it was easy.  


  1. Will you have these in your etsy shop? I'd love to get one!

    1. Hi Lisa, I have a booth at a big local quilt show in September and made these for that but if you would like one, I can list one in my Etsy shop as a custom listing just for you. Let me know if you are interested and I will set that up.

      Best Wishes


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