Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Troll Dolls

I am often messaged, via the Etsy convo system, about making custom items.  These are usually fun projects and it is always a challenge to make something new.  Recently I had a tentative enquiry about making some felt embellishments for a collection of Troll Dolls.  

Remember those?

I really have the most interesting customers.  How could I possibly resist such a request?  There was some back and forth about what my customer wanted and finally we decided it would be easiest if she sent me the Troll Doll clothes for me to embellish.  

Trolls are outdoorsy creatures so naturally the clothes needed twigs, leaves, flowers, mushrooms etc.  Here is how they came out (did I mention what a fun project this was???).

The clothes came to me completely plain and some of them were really small!

I was really happy with how they turned out but more importantly my customer was thrilled.  She sent me this great photo of some of her Troll Dolls modeling their new couture outfits.

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