Friday, October 7, 2016

Hello October

How can we possibly be a whole week into October already?!  

Since the quilt show, I've been really busy photographing and listing new items in my shop.  It seems to take such a long time and is my least favorite part of running an Etsy shop.  I'm close to being done now though.  Our weather is mixed, warm and sunny one day, chilly the next but it is definitely Fall - my favorite season and there are pumpkins everywhere.  The fire that was burning in our local hills is now contained and our skies are blue again. 

I collected these acorns on my morning walks with Tia.  They are the most beautiful acorns, big and exuberant.   

This is my Fall mantel.  My husband made the clock from a log, cut up at our cabin in the Sierras.  I've hung the copper leaves I made last year and added a copper cup I found at Target.  

I do most of my grocery shopping at Trader Joe's and the store is looking especially festive at the moment. 

I've been finding lots of good stuff in Etsy shops lately.  I bought some of these acorns from a shop in Bulgaria and some from a shop here in the U.S.  They look really good in the squirrel dish I got at Hobby Lobby back when it was really too hot to even be thinking about Fall!

Aren't they pretty?  Those are real acorn caps with needle felted acorns in luscious colors.

I've been sewing as well, working on custom orders and on restocking sold out items like this pincushion.

We recently took Tia to get her nails clipped at a clinic at a pet store in San Jose.  It was a stressful experience so afterwards she got a new toy which she picked out herself and carried to the cash register, dropping it just long enough for the employee to scan the label.  She likes to cuddle her soft toys, or lay on them.

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