Sunday, October 16, 2016

Something New

Sometimes I just want to work on something completely different.  Often I can't do that when I would like to because I have other more urgent items that need to be finished but yesterday was one of those days when I was all caught up.  

In my imagination, I could see a really pretty owl ornament, in really soft pale colors with hand embroidery and some extra embellishments that my other owls don't have.  

When I start something like this, I pull all the fabrics and other things I think I might need but it doesn't necessarily mean I will use them all. I wanted this owl to have a pretty shabby chic, vintage feel.  Those buttons on the far right below are pretty vintage ones I got at a quilt show.  

When I stitch the wings, I like to pull the thread fairly tight, this causes the wings to curl slightly in a wing-like manner.  I also like to use the selvedge edge of the hand dyed felted wool fabric for the tops of the wings because it usually has a slightly different pattern and a textured edge.  

When I stitch the front to the back I fold and pin the wings out of the way so I can blanket stitch the edge.  I always think the owls look like they are holding a sword when I do this!

I wanted to add a tiny crown to this owl but there really wasn't enough space so I added a flower and some embroidery at one of the "ears".  The embroidery kind of looks like a classy tattoo!  I usually use a plain color coordinated hanging ribbon but I found this pretty ribbon in my stash which is just perfect here.

And there we have it, a pretty owl, exactly how I imagined it - I love it when that happens!

I'm planning to make a few of these owls, using the felt colors in the first photograph.  When I list them in my shop, they will be priced higher than my other owls because there is a lot more work in these.

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