Monday, November 21, 2016

Post Rain Walking

It rained here this weekend.  I know we badly need it but I still don't like it.  My kids like the smell but not me.  I just look at it and see wet, muddy shoes tracking in all kinds of mess into the house, a miserable soggy dog, miserable walks with said sad soggy dog and wet coats dripping puddles wherever they've been hung to dry.  

An early morning walk after the rain rewards me with lots of color and sparkle from the water droplets.  Tia always likes walking when the rain has stopped, I think the rain must wash away the stale smells and make everything fresh and interesting again.  Our first walk after rain is always slow as she needs to stop and check everything out.  As she does, I have time to look at details.

There are lots of berries on trees and bushes this Fall.  In England we always used to say that would be a sign of hard Winter to come....I wonder if the same is true here?

And then I came across this tree full of Springtime blossom.  So strange, it is one in a row of the same trees and all the others are shedding vibrant red leaves.  

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