Thursday, April 2, 2020

awesome gluten free bread

Really good gluten free bread is the holy grail for those of us who must avoid gluten.  The tiniest bit of gluten makes my husband really sick and for years I have struggled to find a good recipe for bread.  There are lots of recipes and store bought bread options out there and some are ok but really who wants to eat stuff that's just "ok"?  Then one day recently, I stumbled on this recipe and it is a game changer.  The original recipe is for a loaf studded with olives and flavored with caraway which just wasn't that appetizing to me but in the video the baker and author explained that those could successfully be left out or replaced.  

I don't like a lot of additives in things so I was excited to find this recipe and also find that I already had everything in my gluten free pantry.  The only thing I noticed is that in the video she says to bake at 325f but the recipe says 425f which is actually correct.  I've found that in my fan oven, it works best at 400f and yes I bake it for the full 1hour and 40minutes!  I thought this sounded insane when I heard it and was sure my bread would be dry and burned, but no, it's perfect - every time.  

This is not fluffy white sandwich bread.  It is hearty and flavorful with a thick chewy crust.  Don't eat it warm, I know that is tough because it smells amazing but it needs that cooling time.  My favorite additions to this bread are chopped walnuts and sunflower seeds.  Also I've used my stand mixer and a bowl and spatula and both work just fine.  

Find the recipe here.  You're welcome.

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