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Wisteria Cottage pincushion


Wits End is my imaginary little village deep in the English countryside. Beyond the village are the Enchanted forest and Blue Mountains. In Wits End, the line between human and magical realms is blurred and life is the richer for it.

This is Wisteria Cottage, often simply referred to by the villagers as "the pink house". Wisteria Cottage is a sweet little cottage full of exposed old beams, an unfitted kitchen and temperamental water pipes. Around the front door, fragrant yellow roses grow. Around one side of the cottage is an olive tree, a rarity in Wits End. Around the other side is a lovely cutting garden. The back garden is quiet and private. There is a beautiful purple wisteria scrambling up the back of the cottage, creating the most perfect place for afternoon tea. For some reason, pigeons love the roof of Wisteria Cottage and coo happily in the sun. The occupant of the cottage is a mystery. On the rare occasions she is seen in the village, she is always wearing large sunglasses and a stylish hat or glamorous headscarf. Naturally there is some gossip. Millie thinks she must be a famous actress, hiding away for some peace and quiet. The twins think she is really a pirate, her sunglasses hide a missing eye and the pigeon that is always on the roof is really her parrot in disguise. The truth is far more exciting but that is a story for another day.

This little cottage measures 2.75 inches by 1.75 inches and stands 2.5 inches tall. The little pigeon is a mere ¾ of an inch long. I've added a piece of sturdy stabilizer to the base of the cottage to keep it stable. Each little felt shape is individually cut by hand and then carefully stitched in place. All felt used is 100% wool and my pincushions are stuffed with premium ultra plush polyester stuffing.